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Ethiopian Capital Market

Ethiopian Capital Market, Ethiopian Stock Market, Ethiopian Securities Exchange

Welcome to Ethiopian Capital Market!

What is Ethiopian Capital Market?

The Ethiopian Capital Market, set to launch soon, is a vital financial platform where businesses and the government can secure long-term funds by issuing and trading financial securities such as stocks and bonds through the newly established Ethiopian Securities Exchange (ESX).

Please note that this is not the official website of Ethiopian Capital Market Authority. Please visit their website from www.ecma.gov.et

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Latest News and Updates

Emebet Melese, Former CBE Vice President Assumes Nib Bank Presidency

Emebet Melese, PhD, formerly the vice president of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), has assumed the role of president at Nib Bank, succeeding Genene Ruga who resigned months ago.

Six Public Companies to List Shares on Ethiopian Securities Exchange

Ethiopian Investment Holdings reveals plans for six public development companies to sell their shares on the Ethiopian Securities Exchange. Learn about the companies and their offerings in Ethiopia's emerging Ethiopian capital market

Ethiopia Breaks Barriers for Foreign Investment in New Sectors

Ethiopia's new directive welcoming foreign investors into retail and wholesale sectors, unlocking opportunities in previously restricted markets.

About Us

About Us

EthiopianCapitalMarket.com is the premier destination for comprehensive and insightful coverage of the Ethiopian Stock Market.

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Ethiopian Securities Exchange (ESX) is about to go live!

You can get news, articles, updates, investor resources and tools that will prepare you for the Ethiopian Capital Market and specifically for the Ethiopian Securities Exchange(ESX). Browse our website and subscribe today to keep posted.

News and Updates

Stay updated with the latest trending and breaking news and coverages about Ethiopian Capital Market.

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Get useful guides, insights, information and articles about Ethiopian Capital Market.

Rules and Regulations

Explore the rules, regulations, and legal nuances that underpin financial operations in Ethiopian Capital Market.

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Your go-to resource for key insights and knowledge tailored for navigating the Ethiopian stock market.

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Discover profiles, management teams, and financial performance of Ethiopian companies.

Financial Calculators

Explore essential and must-know financial calculators and tools tailored for stock market investors.

Latest Articles and Insights

Fixed Income Market Instruments in Ethiopian Securities Exchange

The Ethiopian Securities Exchange will facilitate different fixed income market instruments including Treasury bills and bonds, corporate bonds, repurchase agreements (repos), and commercial papers.

History of Stock Market in Ethiopia

Discover the journey of Ethiopia's stock exchange from its humble beginnings to the upcoming launch of the Ethiopian Securities Exchange. Explore the historical challenges, governmental efforts, and future prospects for investors and stakeholders.

Ethiopian Capital Market Authority

The Ethiopian Capital Market Authority (CMA) is an autonomous regulatory body established by Article 3(1) of the Proclamation. Reporting directly to the Prime Minister, it is responsible for fostering the development and regulation of the capital market in Ethiopia.

Top Ethiopian Stocks

As we eagerly anticipate the opening of the Ethiopian Stock Exchange in less than a year, we are thrilled to introduce a sneak peek into the future of the digital Ethiopian capital market. While the exchange is not live yet, we're laying the groundwork by identifying potential top-performing companies.

This curated selection offers a glimpse into the promising landscape of Ethiopian Stock Market, providing a preview of what investors can look forward to once the market is officially open. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring our insights into these potential market leaders, setting the stage for informed investment decisions in Ethiopia's evolving financial landscape.

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